Hospital Visit!

So yesterday Superman went to the hospital from school because they said he had a seizure that lasted longer then 5 minutes. They also gave him his rescue meds that’s another reason why he was taken to the hospital so he could be monitored.  The hospital that he was taken to I’m not a fan of at all because of past issue’s. I have to say they gave him outstounding care yesterday.

Taken while at the hospital. 

Neurologist  appointment 💟

Dylan went to the neurologist On Wednesday and she raised his vimpat and lowered his keppra. His neurologist also referred him to the cerebral palsy clinic. It’s about time somebody referred him because he also has cp but hasn’t been seen for that in awhile. We are hoping they determine if he needs braces or not to help him with walking. Tried to get a few pictures of him smiling but he wasn’t trying to smile for me.

Being poor! 

Everyone knows my Superman has a seizure disorder and the heat can bring on more seizures. On one of the hottest days of summer, my air conditioner decides to quit working. That is not good for Superman because the heat is like kryptonite for him. As a parent, it is one of the worst feelings in the world not being able to fix the problem for him.