Dylan’s new Superman Helmet!

By Jeff KingSuperman 3Superman 4Superman 5Superman1Superman2

This is Dylan’s new Helmet that was specially designed for him by some college Engineer students. I entered a contest and my essay was chosen we were asked what we needed for Dylan and we told them a new helmet. They asked us if there were anything we wanted special and we told them we call him Superman and this is the design they came up with. I Love the D inside the shield instead of the S

VNS Battery Change

This guy has to have his battery changed again in his VNS. He went for an appointment today and the VNS therapist could not even get a reading on it so they are going to change the whole thing out to a newer model that detects an increase in his heartbeat and it will zap the seizure or lesson the seizure. He goes next Tuesday to have it changed. So keep him your prayers.20171228_173018.jpg

My present from Dylan

At Dylan’s school they started this program to earn tickets for good behavior. So, Dylan earned tickets to go Christmas shopping and this is the gift he got me. This is the second year they have done this. It is awesome idea for the children. He got the queen part right. Haha just joking.


Thanksgiving day Dylan sat patiently waiting to eat his turkey dinner. He was so happy because he was doing one of his favorite things.(eating) Sorry, it’s been so long since I’ve posted, but I have been busy finishing up my classes. The best part about Thanksgiving was that we had a new stove to cook the turkey in.