My Superman is always hungry you feed him his dinner and he will be hungry five minutes later. So, the kitty came to sit with him yesterday and I guess he thought the kitty was food.  He tried to grab the kitty and eat him.

Dylan got a new friend!!!!!

So, we got a little kitty and he has become Dylan’s little buddy. His name is Dexter Morgan King after the show Dexter my daughter named him. Dylan seems to like him.


So Snap-chat had superman filter and Dylan had some fun with it. Now he is the real Superman!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_1679IMG_1680IMG_1681IMG_1682So snap-chat had a superman filter!

Company Products and Reviews. Jay Robb Enterprises Inc.

I recently finished all the products that I received from Jay Robb Enterprises Inc. courtesy of Angelo. I must say that I was truly impressed with Jay Robb’s products, especially the Cashew-Coconut Jay Bar Protein Bar. This was heavenly to say the least. Jay Robb’s products were extremely light and gave me the burst of energy that I needed before working out. I highly recommend their products. I just wanted to say thanks once again to Angelo and the Jay Robb Company for providing me their sample items!