My Superman is always hungry you feed him his dinner and he will be hungry five minutes later. So, the kitty came to sit with him yesterday and I guess he thought the kitty was food.  He tried to grab the kitty and eat him.

The Party!­čÄé­čÄë­čÄł­čŹĘ

Dylan actually had a good time at his party. He managed to stay awake the whole time. Last year Superman slept through his party! It turned out to be a wonderful day and Superman enjoyed himself.


This is to do with my son Dylan who has epilepsy. The school wants to put him in a wheelchair just to transport him back and forth to school. I’m the one who has to put him on the bus in the morning and it is not an easy┬átask. The thing is he can walk and I’m┬ánot allowing it to happen. They claim it is for safety┬áconcerns but we all know they don’t┬áwant to deal with Dylan┬ábecause he can be difficult sometimes but is expected from a fourteen-year boy. I have never been told he needs to be in a wheelchair by any of the doctors┬áhe has been to. So my question to you is do you think he should be put in a wheelchair?



This guy right here is hitting puberty and becoming a typical┬áteenage boy by not wanting to do anything. The school is after me again to put him in a wheelchair because he will not walk off the bus. I told the lady on the phone that he was walking on the bus because,┬áI will put him on the┬ábus and they can use a wheelchair to get him off but, that is not good enough for them, they want to come out Monday to watch him get on the bus. I am sticking to what I said because I believe if he gets in a wheelchair he won’t┬áwant to do anything again. He needs to get up and move around so the wheelchair is a no go.

Doctors Visit

This handsome guy right here had his yearly checkup last week. He is growing like a weed. He is 106pds and 5’2′ now. ┬áHe wasn’t enjoying the visit too much he wanted to leave. What surprised┬áme the most was he just sat there┬áand let them draw his blood without fighting them.