This guy right here is hitting puberty and becoming a typical teenage boy by not wanting to do anything. The school is after me again to put him in a wheelchair because he will not walk off the bus. I told the lady on the phone that he was walking on the bus because, I will put him on the bus and they can use a wheelchair to get him off but, that is not good enough for them, they want to come out Monday to watch him get on the bus. I am sticking to what I said because I believe if he gets in a wheelchair he won’t want to do anything again. He needs to get up and move around so the wheelchair is a no go.

One thought on “Aggravation!”

  1. I agree with you, Terri, they just want to put him in the wheelchair to restrain him which is wrong. Dylan has a right to walk! I can imagine how you feel, because as his Mom, you know what is best for him. They want you to submit so they can control him and that is wrong. Its about betterment and allowing him to acheive what is best for him, not them.

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