Hospital Visit!

So yesterday Superman went to the hospital from school because they said he had a seizure that lasted longer then 5 minutes. They also gave him his rescue meds that’s another reason why he was taken to the hospital so he could be monitored.  The hospital that he was taken to I’m not a fan of at all because of past issue’s. I have to say they gave him outstounding care yesterday.

Taken while at the hospital. 

One thought on “Hospital Visit!”

  1. Thinking of you, Terri, and how blessed you are, and your family. You know, I’ve only seen Dylan twice, breaks my heart, wish I could’ve been there all these years. But, I had to be one to run off and miss out on everything. It may be so, but my love is great for y’all and I feel the love. I admire your strength, gorgeous lil woman, you look great fabulous. You are SuperMom and God is with you, helping you along, good and hard times, hang in there. Dylan is a young man now and handsome to boot, quite a ham! I’m glad he’s doing better and know that you’ve made it this far to have and enjoy all the moments and memories created along the way. I love you and yours, Love Aunt Wanda.

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