Update on Superman!!

πŸ’œThe MRI showed nothing remarkable. The cspine exray showed nothing as well. I am thinking it is just the epilepsy kicking his butt right. But, I know my Superman is warrior and he will fight this and win!! I will update again later. I want thank everyone for the prayers and positive thoughts. Please continue to pray for Superman. πŸ’œ


The Lombard puncture showed no sign of infection. Today the plan is to wean him down on the phenobarbital so he can start showing some brain function. Also his is going to have an MRI at some point today. Please keep the prayers coming because my Superman needs all the prayers he can get. Thanks to everyone for all the prayers and positive thoughts.

Epilepsy is not a joke!!!

For anyone who thinks epilepsy is a joke. This is proof that it is not a joke. Superman needs prayers right now. So please continue to pray for him.

Superman has a fever again!

So, Superman spiked 102 fever early this morning. Now he has to have bloodwork and cultures done again maybe they will find something this time. My poor guy looks so sad. I hope they can figure out what is going on with my superman so he can go home. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. Not to mention that we are working on day 10 in the hospital. I am one tired mom. I just want to know what is going on with my Superman.

At the hospital with Superman! From 4:30am to 7:00am he had about 15 seizures and the last 2 of them was tonic clonic. So, we had to give him diastat and take him to hospital. Now he is resting. He has only had one seizure since we have been at the hospital.


Superman had a 4-hour EEG Friday. It was fun trying to keep him from pulling the electrodes off his head. We will have the results in 2 to 3 weeks. He also started a new medication on Sunday. The medication is called Onfi. So far the side effects have been mild.

Being silly
Cat nap!❀

Silly glasses!!!

We had a surprise party for Jeff it was his 50th Birthday. He received a few joke gifts. One was a cane filled with different things on Superman posed with the glasses from the cane.


So his sister came home with Dunkin Donuts coffee the other day and Superman always attacks her for it. He loves his coffee. This is the result of him drinking coffee.

Some cute pictures of Dylan!!!!

Dylan got the superman hat for Christmas and he got the new Maraca. It is hard to buy stuff for Dylan because he has different needs then most children his age. He likes to spin stuff, like the old house phone he loves play with.

Hospital Visit!

So yesterday Superman went to the hospital from school because they said he had a seizure that lasted longer then 5 minutes. They also gave him his rescue meds that’s another reason why he was taken to the hospital so he could be monitored.  The hospital that he was taken to I’m not a fan of at all because of past issue’s. I have to say they gave him outstounding care yesterday.

Taken while at the hospital.