The Lombard puncture showed no sign of infection. Today the plan is to wean him down on the phenobarbital so he can start showing some brain function. Also his is going to have an MRI at some point today. Please keep the prayers coming because my Superman needs all the prayers he can get. Thanks to everyone for all the prayers and positive thoughts.

Update on Superman!!!πŸ’œπŸ’œ

They have in a sedative coma to keep the seizures under control. They also told me it is to give his brain a rest. Remember he came to hospital in sub clinical status. The plan for today he may have an MRI not sure about that yet. I will let everyone know more later. Thanks for all the prayers and positive vibes.πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Epilepsy is not a joke!!!

For anyone who thinks epilepsy is a joke. This is proof that it is not a joke. Superman needs prayers right now. So please continue to pray for him.

Superman did not have a good night!

He did not have good night. He seized all night in his sleep. He is so many different medications right now. Hopefully they start to work on him. So they don’t have to put him on a ventilator.

Superman is being admitted!

He is in sub clinical status right now. That means he is having seizures but you can’t see them.

Superman is finally home!!!

Superman finally got released today. Don’t he looked thrilled to be home. I am one happy mom, but exhausted though. I need at least 10 hours of sleep. So, we still never found out the cause of all the seizures. All the test came back negative. The not knowing the cause is scary but hopefully everything is under control now. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes for Superman. ❀

Superman has a fever again!

So, Superman spiked 102 fever early this morning. Now he has to have bloodwork and cultures done again maybe they will find something this time. My poor guy looks so sad. I hope they can figure out what is going on with my superman so he can go home. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. Not to mention that we are working on day 10 in the hospital. I am one tired mom. I just want to know what is going on with my Superman.

Some cute pictures of Dylan!!!!

Dylan got the superman hat for Christmas and he got the new Maraca. It is hard to buy stuff for Dylan because he has different needs then most children his age. He likes to spin stuff, like the old house phone he loves play with.

Bath time with Dylan/ being sick!

The bath part is easy with him, it’s afterwards that is the problem.  When his bath is over he just wants to lay in the tub and do nothing. So, I have to struggle to get him out. Then we go in the room to get him dressed and thats when the fun begins. He does not like to cooperate with you at all. By the time I’m done getting him dressed I’m soaking wet with sweat. Not mention he has been home sick all week, with this cold that has been going around. So, I’m one tired mommy this week. I told him he has to go back tomorrow and I don’t think he liked the idea to much. I have to catch up on my school work too. I love you Dylan my Superman!❀

Ode to Superman

This is a poem I am working on. I haven’t finished yet. I would actually like some feedback on it. It’s titled Ode to Superman

Ode to Superman

I watched him grow from a small child to struggle through so many things. So unlike any other boy. To wrestle just to make it through another day. He was born under a dark cloud, but his smile would ignite the sun and though his life is filled with shadows he will not cry one single tear.

The war he fights is his alone. He battles hard without a fear. With no concern with what tomorrow holds. He stays strong and carries on.

Carry on little Superman. On wings of hope you fly on high. No kryptonite can hold you down. Β Spread your wings my hero fly.