Update on Superman!!!๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

They have in a sedative coma to keep the seizures under control. They also told me it is to give his brain a rest. Remember he came to hospital in sub clinical status. The plan for today he may have an MRI not sure about that yet. I will let everyone know more later. Thanks for all the prayers and positive vibes.๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

Not good news!!!

Superman has to be put on a ventilator to help him breathe now. He is having hard time breathing because of the seizures medications he has been given to control them. They are placing a central line and al line for needed medication.

Superman did not have a good night!

He did not have good night. He seized all night in his sleep. He is so many different medications right now. Hopefully they start to work on him. So they don’t have to put him on a ventilator.

Superman is still in the hospital!

He has been having a rough morning. The seizures are not leaving him alone today. He was up all night, which keep me up too. Continued prayers and well wishes please for him to come home we are on day 9 being in the hospital.


So his sister came home with Dunkin Donuts coffee the other day and Superman always attacks her for it. He loves his coffee. This is the result of him drinking coffee.

Bath time with Dylan/ being sick!

The bath part is easy with him, it’s afterwards that is the problem.  When his bath is over he just wants to lay in the tub and do nothing. So, I have to struggle to get him out. Then we go in the room to get him dressed and thats when the fun begins. He does not like to cooperate with you at all. By the time I’m done getting him dressed I’m soaking wet with sweat. Not mention he has been home sick all week, with this cold that has been going around. So, I’m one tired mommy this week. I told him he has to go back tomorrow and I don’t think he liked the idea to much. I have to catch up on my school work too. I love you Dylan my Superman!โค

Hospital Visit!

So yesterday Superman went to the hospital from school because they said he had a seizure that lasted longer then 5 minutes. They also gave him his rescue meds that’s another reason why he was taken to the hospital so he could be monitored.  The hospital that he was taken to I’m not a fan of at all because of past issue’s. I have to say they gave him outstounding care yesterday.

Taken while at the hospital. 

Daily News!!


Terri King

Dylan has been in a wonderful mood theย past few days. I love it when he has days like that.Those are the days that make me happy as well. His older brother has been really helpful with getting him ready for school on the mornings he doesn’t go to school.I think his seizures are slowing down since the weather is changing again, but he is still having a few. We have started a petition to Governer Hoganย to legalize the CDB oil for the treatment of epilepsy and any other illness that it might help here in Maryland.