Daily News!!!!

Just a little update on Dylan and how he has been doing. He has been doing pretty good. He is still having seizures, but they don’t affect him as bad as they use to. He has been pretty cheerful and vocal as well. What I mean by being vocal is that he has been making more sounds. He also loves to stomp is feet. Not everybody’s children are the same and some children need  more attention than others. Dylan is one of those children but that does not make him any less of a child. That just gives him more character and more to love. There are some people that would see having a child like Dylan as being a burden, but that is not the case for our family. Dylan is the heart of our family. He brings each one us joy every day and that just makes us love him even more. So for all of the people that see having a child with special needs as burden just remember they didn’t ask to be that way and they still need love too. Dylan had fun at school yesterday the zoo came to visit his school. He got to see some interesting animals. We also had some visitors over the weekend as well both our granddaughters were here for the weekend too. I don’t think Dylan enjoyed that too much.

Dylan’s Party!!!

Dylan’s party  was awesome!!!!!!! We had a lot of people show up. He slept through most of it because we gave him a bath not too long before the party and that must of made him feel relaxed. He got some nice gifts, but mostly he got cards with money. So now I will have to take him shopping. A few pictures from the party and pictures of the cards he got.20160322_172239



Daily News!!!!

Dylan will be thirteen on March 25. They will be on spring at that time. So Dylan had a party at school today. He brought home a lot of presents from his teachers and friends at school. They spoil him too much. I just want to say a big thank you to everybody for all the wonderful gifts Dylan received. The best part was no seizures today.


all the wonderful gifts
Thanks for all the superman gifts!!!
My handsome superman
Hi is so handsome!!!!



Daily News!!!!

Dylan has been doing pretty good. His ear infection never healed from the last time. So my husband took him to Patient First this weekend and he still has an ear infection and now he is on antibiotics. We knew it wasn’t healed because he wasn’t acting his normal self. If he is sick or anything else is  wrong him his seizures will increase. I gave him a haircut this weekend  he looks so handsome.


A special gift for Dylan

One of my old friends from my neighborhood started sharing Dylan’s story with her thirteen years old son Nathan. Nathan was touched so much by Dylan and his story that he wrote him a letter and made him a Superman Design. He prays for Dylan on a daily basis, along with his parents. I just wanted to share this with everyone. Nathan thank you for thinking of Dylan and your beautiful gift. Thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts for Dylan. Thank you LouAnn Smith for your incredible love! May Almighty God bless you and your family tenfold! I Love you my friend

The Real Superman Part XXII

By Jeff King

The Real Superman Part XXII

I know that I haven’t written in forever. I have been extremely busy and there has been a lot going on. Let’s jump right in. The last post I wrote about was trying to get our County Executive Steven Schuh to get on board allowing medical Marijuana to be made available to patients in the county. He and the county council just zoned their way around it though. They’re idiots in my honest opinion. Anyway here is what has been going on with Little Superman. In previous blogs, I mentioned a good friend, Chris Hartsell who I met through a friend of one of my older son’s. This gentleman wanted to help us obtain some medical cannabis to try out on Dylan. On Thanksgiving Mr. Hartsell arrived at my home with a tub of butter, which he made using cannabis and coconut oil. I gave Dylan his first dose later that night and for the first time in what seemed forever, Dylan didn’t have a seizure for 24 hours. Afterwards, though he did have a very bad tonic -clonic seizure which really did him in. We decided to increase the dosage and the frequency of the medication and after tweaking it we came up with a dosage that has definitely decreased the frequency of the seizures, but also the length of the seizures. He has also gone several days without any seizures as well. They haven’t subsided altogether, but, we have noticed a drastic change in Dylan. Dylan has been a lot more vocal and animated since he has been taking the whole plant therapy. I am aware that this medicine does have some THC in it, but it also has high amounts of CBD and that’s what we’re going for. The THC is probably minimal; however, I do believe Dylan probably is getting a high off the medication, but, it can’t be any worse than the legal poison we have to have him ingest two times a day. He has been a whole lot happier and the teacher’s and TA’s at school said that he has been more focused and is making a lot of eye contact. They said he has been very vocal and much happier than he used to be, so to me, that’s a win, win. There seems to be a little side effects, though; some nights, Dylan will not sleep. He will stay up all night and then he will sleep the entire next day. Another side effect is he is hungrier, but I believe that’s to be expected.

Anyway, we took Dylan to see his new neurologist, Dr. Tanjala Gibson at Kennedy Krieger. He was very animated and even got up out of his chair. She was happy about how well he was doing and we did actually let her know that we wanted to try the CBD oil and when she was in agreement with Terri and me, we told her that the Dylan that she was seeing before her; didn’t look like the Dylan of two weeks ago. We already have him on CBD. We didn’t tell her that it was the full plant therapy, but we’re planning on telling her at his next appointment. He has been on this now for about a month, and we have noticed some real good changes. He is trying to talk again and if he does, it wouldn’t be nothing short than a miracle. Dr. Gibson did tell us that one of her colleague’s was doing a current study on cannabis and that it has been going on for over a year, and the results were actually positive. She said once the state gives the okay that she will get her license to dispense it to us for Dylan. We are really wondering what the actual Charlotte’s Web oil would do for Dylan. Hopefully, we will be able to find out soon.

As a parent who must sit by and helplessly watch their child suffer through these demonic seizures; to see your child’s personality being stolen away by these vampires, that drain him and leave him a shadow of his former self; there is nothing you wouldn’t do to try to cure your child, or help them in any way possible. I know that what we are doing is illegal, but I can attest first hand as to the great changes that we are witnessing on a daily basis as little by little Dylan is coming out of the darkness that once held him captive. Slowly but surely his personality is returning. Make no mistake, this hasn’t stopped the seizures completely, but it sure does offer us hope. It offers Dylan hope. Every day we get another little glimpse of our champion. The little boy that does battle with the one kryptonite that has time and again brought him down. He has never given up on the fight and neither will we. Until next time!

The Real Superman Part XX

The Real Superman Part XX

By Jeff King

It has been awhile since I have written. I was bogged down working at summer school and studying my last two college classes of the last semester. I just recently finished both. There has been a few things that have taken place since I last wrote The Real Superman. Dylan was scheduled to have the battery in his VNS changed today, which is 8/5/2015. It never happened, because, the surgeon’s secretary would call every few days to move the surgery further. It was originally scheduled for 7:00 AM, but she called us yesterday after calling us two previous time to reschedule and make it later. Now they wanted to schedule it for 2:00 PM, which is actually insane, because, Dylan wouldn’t have been able to eat anything after 12:00 AM this morning. That means he would have to go about 18 hours before he would be able to eat anything. I guess when you’re second class people these surgeons can reschedule you anytime they feel like it. Dylan being possibly two years old mentally, would be very angry if he was unable to eat for that long, and besides, it isn’t good for his health to go for that long. I am considering on launching a complaint against this surgeon, because, it is ridiculous to expect a child that is like Dylan to go that long without anything to eat.

I truly have a problem with the way people treat children with special needs. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t everyone that does it, but when you’re a parent of a child that has special needs, you notice all the stares and whispers. You notice how some people treat you differently. Just as I was explaining. If we were people that had top of the line health insurance and not Medicaid for Dylan, but perhaps, Blue Cross and Blue Shield; or if we were paying cash, I can bet money that this doctor wouldn’t have continued to put Dylan’s surgery off! It just peeves me! Goddamnit, we are not second class citizens. We matter too! These children matter! We ended up canceling it and rescheduling it for next Thursday. The Secretary told us that if we didn’t reschedule it for next week then we would have to wait until October before we could reschedule it, because the surgeon was going on vacation. Must be real nice? Anyhow, I guess we should be use to this sort of thing by now, since these are the things we have had to deal with since Dylan has been little.

I have written before about how people would say things, for example the woman at the mall who accused Dylan of pushing her kid off the Humpty Dumpty Sliding board. Then there was the woman who blocked the wheelchair access aisle so we couldn’t get Dylan out of the store in his wheelchair. The woman that said that I wasn’t even man enough to make a normal child. Then we went to the MVA to aquire a special parking permit in front of my house, so we can have parking right out in front. We have fought people over this issue. On occasion we have some assclown that decides to park there, but unbeknown to them it is a 500.00 fine to park there. I have actually had words with several neighbors because they parked there. I had one neighbor across from me had someone visiting from Florida parked there. We pull up it is pouring down raining and someone is parked in our spot. I didn’t know who it was. I layed on my horn, hoping someone would come out to investigate and perhaps know who the vehicle belonged to, but to no avail, so I called the police and the officer comes to write a ticket for the vehicle. The lady across the street from me pulls up and ask me what was the problem, I told her that someone parked in my spot. She then says to me, “Do you want me to go get him and make him move?” I replied that I had already called the police. The officer hadn’t arrived as of yet, but she then replies, “Well that is unneccesary!” I did’t know she knew this person, but she began to cuss me out like it was my fault that this ass hat parked in my spot! My daughter began to yell at her, and began to threaten her. That is when the clown that had parked in my spot finally came out of her house and walked across the street. He asked me what was the problem and I explained that I have a permit for the parking space and that it is a 500.00 fine to park there. He said he didn’t even see the two great big signs that read “PERMIT PARKING ONLY”, which also has a number that is affixed to my driver’s side windshield. I replied, “Can you read?” Which he took offense with me. That is when the police officer pulled up. I explained to the officer what transpired. I told the officer if he moves I am not worried about if he gives him a ticket. I just want my parking space so I could get Dylan out of the car and into the house. This is the kind of issues we have had to deal with. One time some Jack hole had parked there and I called the police. The officer that came actually asked me what I expected him to do about it. I informed him that they usually write a ticket for the violators. He told me that he wasn’t comfortable doing that and to park somewhere else. I promptly took his name and badge number and told him that I was calling for another officer. He was a real smart ass. He said, “Go right ahead, they will just send me back and I am not writing a ticket, I don’t have to.” Which really pissed me off. The woman who parked there came walking down the street and the officer asked if the car was hers and she said yes. He said, well you can’t park here. She said “Oh I am sorry, I didn’t know that?” She got in and drove off. Then the officer says to me, “all taken care of” Like he did something. I quickly replied, “Yes, but no thanks to you.” I will be in touch with your supervisor.” I called his supervisor the next day and was assured that I wouldn’t have another issue with an officer writing a ticket, because that is his job.

These are the things we have to deal with. I also explained the stares people give to Dylan. Like he is some kind of freak. He yells out, because he cannot speak. We expect children to stare, but then we have grown ass people rudely stare. We hear them whisper and occasionally laugh. One time, me, Dylan, Terri and my mom was in Wal-Mart and I was walking ahead of them. Terri was pushing Dylan in his chair and Dylan began to scream, it is an impulsive sensory thing that he does. Most people pay no mind to him, because most people no better, but as they’re walking along, Dylan is screaming. I was up ahead, because I was checking on something. Dylan let out an ear piercing squeal there was a lady directly in front of me she looked up and said, “Geese, shut that kid up!” I said, “Excuse me?” and she laughed, “I said, shut that kid up!” I was angry and I yelled at the woman, “What in the hell is wrong with you lady? That’s my child you’re talking about and he is Autistic!” She turned horribly red, “Oh I am so sorry, I didn’t know? I work with kids like him.” She replied. “I sure hope the hell not!” I said furiously “Because I sure feel sorry for them! You intensive asshole!” I added. By then Terri had overheard what was going on and she immediately reamed the woman out as well. Suddenly my 65 year old mother came careening down the aisle with a cart, “What did that bitch say about my grandson!” she yelled. I immediately calmed her down we got what we came to get and quickly left the store without further incident.

These are the things that saddens me. I often wonder is how Dylan will be treated when we’re no longer around and sometimes I feel hopeless; however, there remains a glimmer of hope. We were out at a mall yesterday and me and Dylan sat on a bench waiting for Terri to finish in Torrid. This little boy escaped from his mother and came running over to wear we were sitting. I was on the bench, but Dylan was in his wheelchair. The little boy bean to rub Dylan’s hand and say hi. His mom came over and said, “Did you tell the little boy hi?” they both smiled at us the young woman said hi to me and asked me how I was doing? I told her good thanks. She smiled and walked away. It is these type of things that gives me hope. We have people hating one another because of race issues. We have people hating people because of religion and politics. It seems as if the world is seriously going to hell and we are all on a one way dead end road towards doomsday, but there is yet hope. The little boy that came up to Dylan was probably about three-years old and an African American. He didn’t notice Dylan’s skin color, or his disability, he noticed that Dylan was a kid, just like him. That is truly love and that’s the kind of love that produces hope. (To be continued.)