The real superman my brother my bestfriend, so how do i start I got to grow up with someone who loved so much and so unconditionally you wouldn’t believe, all the battles he fought through he made me strong he made me believe in real genuine love that isn’t easy to find in this world  he was the light to the dark the star in the night sky and he deserved the best life you are an angel in the heaven who will shine the light and protect us you are superman the strongest person I’ve ever seen and met and I’m glad I got to live life with you and that I got to be your brother and got to receive the love you gave you are my inspiration you kept me going and I will fight hard for you just please keep an eye over us I know you are in heaven laughing and playing being happy waiting for us all to meet again

Long live the real superman

Written by his big brother Dacota!

4 thoughts on “Superman”

  1. Oh my!!! Such a beautiful tribute! You are one amazing brother!!! What you did for each other – what He will continue to do for you from Heaven!!!
    I am praying for you all-Healing upon you all.

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    1. A wonderful tribute to your amazing superman brother Dylan. I can see the beautiful the bond between you both and the joy on Dylan’s face in the photos.I know how wonderful it is to see that smile as the Epilepsy takes so much from them.RIP beautiful Dylan.

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  2. Dylan was always smiling for those of us at Marley Glen who were fortunate to be with him at school. He will be truly be missed by all of his friends and family there.We have missed him so much at school. he will truly be an angel spreading his love and smiles in Heaven. Rest in Peace Superman. The health room staff

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