New neurologists

The best part of Dylan’s visit was his mood he was happy. His VNS was finally checked and in working order. The new neurologists attitude is that she knows what is best for our child. One of her questions for us was why is he on such a low dose of Keppra and we said with a higher dose of the medication he was unable to function properly.  When he was on the higher dose of Keppra he just sat there and wouldn’t move or do anything. Maybe the next visit will be better. The office he goes to has a beautiful garden outside for families to enjoy.20160727_152401


Dylan had his physical appointment today and guess what his ears are still red. He just got done taking a ten-day course of antibiotics. So now he has to start a new antibiotic. I’m glad we put talking to the doctor about seeing an ENT on the list because this kid keeps ear infections. We went straight home so I could make the appointments. The receptionist on the phone said he needs to have a hearing test done first, appointment scheduled already for the end of July. To speak with the doctor already scheduled for the beginning of August. So happy we are finally getting to see somebody so his poor ears can heal.