Daily News!!!


Terri King

Dylan has been enjoying his three-day weekend. We had a visitor this weekend, our granddaughter stayed with us again. Dylan and Kendyll seem to be getting along with each other better. Everybody is sleeping right now so I thought I would write a little bit about how my little superman has been. This weekend was fun Kendyll and Dylan are partners in crime they both got caught ripping papers in the dining room. She is too funny she likes to say I pooped all the time she will even sing it, some of the time she actually did poop. But enough about her let’s get back to Dylan and how he has been. He is still having seizures it is never ending with these damn things. It seems like nothing is ever going to work for him. I hope when they get this law passed for the CDB oil that it will help him and get him back some kind of normalcy.


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