Daily News!


Terri King

Dylan’s surgery has been moved to tomorrow at 12. I hope it stays that way because, I’m going to cancel it all together it already messed our plans up for our day at Assateague Island tomorrow. He has been rare form today. He backed his chair into my leg and now I have a little red mark on it and it’s a little swelled up.We took him with us today to get my daughter registered for college.Let me tell you it was the most hectic day ever. We had to leave the building several times because,  he thought it was okay to be loud as he wanted to be. He also thought it was cute to make fart sounds on his arm, and tried to destroy a fake plant they had in the waiting area. Yesterday Dylan had a seizure were he fell face first he and got a small cut on his chin thank God it didn’t need stitches.

I'm done!!!
I’m done!!!
He said he was done with this crap!
He said he was done with this crap!

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