Daily News!!


Terri King

Dylan has been having more seizures the past few days because it has been humid outside. As I said before that I think the weather has an effect on him  and how his seizures are.Sorry, it has been a while since I have written anything again, but I have been busy with life. I have been helping my daughter get stuff done for her new job working in schools with special needs children. This morning when I put Dylan on the bus and went to go back down the steps the driver shut the doors on me. I know she had to know I was still on there and all she says is I’m sorry. I’m glad I didn’t get hurt.Dylan has been working hard in school. I know this because he has been tired when he gets home from school. Dylan has some new toys he likes to play with.

This use to be one of Dylan's favorite songs.
This use to be one of Dylan’s favorite songs.
new toys
new toys

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