Daily News!!!!!

Sorry, it’s has been awhile since I written anything, but I have been busy finishing up my classes and spending time with my family. Dylan has been doing okay. He was sick for a few days with a head cold. They canceled his neurologists appointment on the November 17 and rescheduled it for December 8 and I am on the cancelation list as well. His seizures are still a big concern. The battery change in the VNS didn’t make a big difference in the duration time of the seizures. Dylan had a really bad seizure the other night because we gave him his medicine a little late. His eyes were fluttering and his whole body was so still and it seemed like it lasted forever. I really hate forgetting to give him his medicines. The petition is still gaining signatures we now have 84,180 signatures. We need this law passed so my son can start receiving the treatment I believe will stop his seizures. This is picture was taken after he had his bath.





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