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In my last post. I said that I had recently contacted some companies to see if they wanted to exchange products for a review on my blog. I was quickly contacted by Angelo a Customer Service Representative from Jay Robb Enterprises Inc. This is protein and health Supplement Company. Angelo was very courteous and helpful. I invited him to check out Dylan’s Blog and he responded with this message,

“Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for contacting us. I checked out your blog and you are a very inspiring father. I would be more than happy to send you out some products to review. What is the best shipping address to send them to?

Best Regards,


I recently received a care package from Angelo and the Jay Robb Company which contained several packages of Whey products of various flavors, some protein bars a shaker cup to mix the protein powder, a hat and a bag to keep these products in. This morning I had a high protein breakfast that consisted of a “JAYBAR” which was the peanut butter flavor. It contained no junk, or additives, but all natural ingredients. It is free of these things: Artificial Sweeteners, Artificial Flavors, Artificial Colors, Soy, Lactose, but most importantly to me, NO Sugar! These products are sweetened with Stevia and they are all non-GMO. These products are also made from grass fed cows, therefore they are RBGH free.

Being that I have lost over 30 pounds since February. I am always looking for products that are free from sugar, or have the lowest sugar possible. Most products that are supposed to be health products contain little to know fat, but tons of sugar, and sugar is the main culprit that is causing obesity in people. At least that is my opinion. My first thought is that this stuff was going to taste pretty nasty, but, I would try it anyway, and even if it did taste bad, I would probably continue to use it, because it is free of sugar. The Whey protein shake that I drank this morning was Vanilla flavor and it was actually very delicious, so was the peanut butter protein bar. The shake contained 25 grams of protein, which I mixed with some low-fat milk that contained 8 grams of protein and the protein bar contained 14 grams of protein, which totaled 47 grams of high protein. I do a free weight work out with dumbbells and an exercise ball, which I also do an abdominal workout every other day. I have put on about 5 lbs. of lean muscle so far using a protein drink that is available in most health stores. These drinks contain artificial colors an additives such as Sucralose to sweeten the drink. Sucralose is a very dangerous sweetener that is in a lot of diet foods. They cut out the fats and sugars, but replace them with Sucralose instead. Jay Robb products do not contain any of this dangerous sweetener which is a good thing.  I would definitely recommend this product for this alone, but also because it is a very tasty product. The high percentage of protein is another plus about Jay Robbs products. Being a middle aged man trying to lose weight and gain lean muscle is very hard. We need more protein to do it, but we do not need all the sugar that comes with many other health bars or protein shakes and the Whey Isolate is the way to go. I have just started using this product so I will give it a final review once I have used it for the week. I just wanted to take the time to thank Angelo and the Jay Robb Company for the samples and continue to invite them to read the Real Superman. As for now, I definitely recommend this product for the healthcare benefits, the taste, and the fact that their products contain little to no sugars.


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