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Terri King

Good afternoon everyone, Dylan went back to school today after being home sick for two days with an ear infection and sinus infection.He was in a great good mood. I hope he has a wonderful day at school and no seizures too.The rally we went on Monday was to support patients use of medicinal cannabis ahead of a packed Anne Arundel County Council meeting.

The county’s seven-member legislative body held the first public hearing on a dueling set of bills that are aimed at regulating where medical marijuana facilities can operate — with one proposing stricter restrictions than the other.

A vote on both measures was delayed to the council’s Nov. 2 meeting — one because of significant amendments and the other held until an outcome on changes is finalized. Maybe in November we will hear some good news about the bill 97-15.We now have 75,972 supporters for our petition to legalize CBD oil and medical marijuana.I put a link to the article about Monday night if anybody wants to read it.



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  1. I hope that we can get this passed in every state. We live in Indiana and it still is illegal. My son and so many other people would greatly benefit from it. I’m glad your kiddo was able to get back to school.

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