Watch out for FYE, they are sneaky!

I went to the FYE store in Arundel Mills mall in Hanover Maryland, store #01856 on August 4th 2015 and bought a Superman shirt for my son, the stupid cashier Shawna proceeded to sell me the Backstage pass deal. Which I really didn’t want, but she said that it was a free trial, so I reluctantly agreed to get it, but then she proceeded to tell me as a gift to me that I would be receiving three magazines of my choice to check out for three months. After she rung me up I immediately looked at my receipt and noticed that the magazines were not free, but an automatic enrollment for a year after the initial three month trial. I immediately made her cancel the transaction so that my credit card wouldn’t be charged. She supposedly did that and I left. After I got home, I felt like I had been duped into joining this BackStage pass garbage that she convinced me to try for free, so I called them up and immediately cancelled that too. I thought I had everything straightened out, but when I returned home today which is August 21, I received a People magazine in my mailbox. I called down to the store and complained to her where she told me to call the subscription service to cancel it myself. I told her, I shouldn’t have had to do that since she cancelled it for me and gave me a receipt showing that. I called the subscription company and had them cancel it, because I explained to them what happened and told them if they charge my credit card, then I would take them to court. They took care of it right away, at least I am hoping, but that is where it stands now. I got the corporate phone number and called them but, of course nobody was there to take my call, so I left a message and complained about the store and their sneaky practices! I will never shop there ever again, and I will make sure I tell others not to shop there.

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