The shower!!

Here is  few pictures of the shower or something like we would like to get eventually for Dylan. This would be to make it a little easier to give Dylan a shower and for us to have better control of him when he does take a shower. Due to his seizures.




2 thoughts on “The shower!!”

  1. That looks convenient but there is also the walk in bathtub shower they advertise on TV for senior citizens. You know what…I just read another blog post from someone judging a friend’s motivation for school choice for their disabled child. Then I see your post and I come back to earth. While you have your challenges, and I am sorry your have to think about a shower, some people really cannot understand what we parents of children who learn differently have to go through. I wish others would stop telling us what to do. Good luck with your shower. It is never easy.

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    1. Yes, we’re always so afraid that he will have a seizure while we are bathing him. I checked to see if his medicaid would cover it, but unfortunately it will not. Thanks for you feedback. It is always appreciated.

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