Daily News!!


Terri King

Dylan is home from school today because he is not feeling to good today. He didn’t sleep to well last night either and he had few seizures I believe brought by lack of sleep. I think he has a sinus infection a lot of sneezing and a runny nose. His awards ceremony went well yesterday.He received a medal, a certificate, and a new pair of tennis shoes he also got a cute t- shirt.

Snapchat--8882566625050903612 1433968605935

Dylan was sitting in the living room yesterday after he got home from school. I forgot to move  the tissue box off the table. I walk into the living room to find tissues tore up all over the place. I couldn’t help but laugh at what he did because it was my fault for not moving them. He seemed to be happy with what he had done.

Snapchat--6642015141504551852 Snapchat-4963926680138363774

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