Daily News!!


Terri King

My mom said she enjoyed spending time with Dylan yesterday, and it made her happy to see him smile. It always makes me happy to see him smile.Dylan slept most of the day, I guess had to recover from not sleeping well the other day.When he first woke up today my husband said he had a tonic- clonic seizure(which is a called a Grand Mal seizure). My superman has had all the different types of seizures at least one time. This is a list of the different types and what happens.

Generalized Seizures
(Produced by the entire brain)
1. “Grand Mal” or Generalized tonic-clonic Unconsciousness, convulsions, muscle rigidity
2. Absence Brief loss of consciousness
3. Myoclonic Sporadic (isolated), jerking movements
4. Clonic Repetitive, jerking movements
5. Tonic Muscle stiffness, rigidity
6. Atonic Loss of muscle tone


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