Superman update!πŸ’œ

So this happened today. They had him on bed today that rotated to a standing position. He tolerated it pretty well, he was standing up for about 20 minutes. It looks like he has gotten taller to me. They also removed the second chest tube. He does still have to be suctioned regularly because he still has a lot of secretions. They want to talk to us about going to rehab and few other things. Thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughts. Superman sure appreciates everything.

2 thoughts on “Superman update!πŸ’œ”

  1. Superman, so glad to see you awake and on the road to recovery. I myself just got ho ome a week back from a short stent under sedation for a few days. Keep your head up and know you have millions of prayers for you from coast to coast. Your a fighter and yes it sometimes becomes frustrating but know everyday is one day closer to you going home and starting a new chapter. Keep up the great work and keep strong. Much love

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