💜Superman update!💜

Superman was continuing to show seizures overnight so the started him on ketamine drip and versed to try and control them. It seems to be working. He is still not waking up. The neurology team is supposed to come talk me about the eeg findings. I hope it is some good because I sure could use some right. We have been here 8 days now and we still are playing the wait see game. I would like to thank everyone for all the prayers and positive. ❤

One thought on “💜Superman update!💜”

  1. I have been down that road before when I was 16 and they still haven’t found the right combination with the meds. Hope they find the right combination with meds. We hope to get better soon and if I was there I would be helping you out. This is my partner Jason. Chelsea has been following the progress. Best of luck Jason and Chelsea. Lots of love and hugs

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